Example for data architecture development in ArchiMate

Example for data architecture development in ArchiMate for Databases

Domain architect and Enterprise architect

The TOGAF standard requires large enterprises to have an Architectural Practice consisting of Domain Architects, Enterprise Architects, Chief Architect and an Architecture Board. Let's break down who is who and what the roles and powers of each should be.

Domain architects according to TOGAF coincide with 4 domains in TOGAF:

  1. Business domain
  2. Application, subpart of IT domain
  3. Data, subpart of IT domain
  4. Technology domain

Who is an Architect and What is Enterprise Architecture in the Context of Digital Transformation?

Many companies, chasing a fashionable digital transformation, start projects without proper preparation and fail in implementation. So what is Enterprise Architecture and who is an Architect?

In accordance with the TOGAF standard, Enterprise Architecture consists of 4 domains:

1. Business architecture, this is Architecture building blocks (ABB) development - business processes of any level (usually distinguish 4 levels of detail) are built and visualized in special tools, for example, such as ARIS or MEGA and others. The business architecture is being built based on the strategy of the enterprise, as well as the actual and target business processes. For this purpose, work business modelers, ARIS architects, and others

2. Based on ABB, Solution Building Blocks (SBB) are built. This is Application Architecture. Solution Architectors work here, usually, these are people with extensive experience in implementing IT systems as business analytics, who are well aware of systems and business processes. The main magic happens here, as the business integrates with IT systems.

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